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Floormaster 3 on Wooden Floor

We offer a range of commercial grade floor polishers that are also ideal for efficiently cleaning, polishing and scrubbing all your hard floor areas around the home.

Use Floor Polishers to effortlessly clean:

Clean Tiles
Tiles Clean Wood and Laminate
Wood and Laminate Clean Vinyl and Linoleum
Vinyl and Linoleum
Clean Stone
Stone Clean Marble
Marble Clean Terracotta

As seen in a Perfect ChristmasOur Floor Polishers will clean all your hard floors with the minimum of effort. You'll no longer need to break your back with a mop and bucket where you endlessly push dirt around the floor without actually removing it.

Floor Polishers enable you to:
  • Scrub dirt from your hard floors
  • Restore your floors natural shine
  • Polish your wooden floors
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